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Acne Bootcamp


Acne Bootcamp Consultation $105 (75 minutes)

During this extensive consultation we will discuss what acne is and how to help you achieve clear skin. We will go over life style changes, home care, diet, and your daily activities. This appointment will include a full consultation and facial. We highly recommend adding 15 minutes of LED to your service. 

  • You will be asked to complete a comprehensive intake form

  • You will receive an in depth skin analysis to determine best course of treatment

  • You will have preliminary pictures taken for our records (this is to follow progress)

Acne Bootcamp Treatment $65 (45 minutes every two weeks)
Each acne treatment may vary based on what your skin needs at time of service. There will be times when it needs more hydration based or soothing treatments and times where it may need more anti-inflammatory treatments. Treatments are performed every 2 weeks until we start to see improvement in your skin, which is around 10-12 weeks. We will document your progress at every visit. It is highly recommended to add 15 minutes of LED to your service.

Acne Bootcamp Follow-Up Treatment

  • Every 3 weeks $75

  • Every 4+ weeks $85

Once we have cleared your acne, you will need to go on a maintenance program of every 3-6 weeks and continue with your home care as prescribed. It is highly recommended to add 15 minutes of LED to your service.

What you should know

  • You must be off Accutane for at least a year to begin this routine. We do not recommend using RX strength topicals due to thinning of the skin during your treatments. While antibiotics are generally ok, they are just a temporary fix and may cause gut health issues.

  • The Spa Forte Acne Bootcamp series recommends 3-9 months for optimal results and to continue to purchase the proper home-care for the duration of the series.

  • Typically, you will see results within a couple of weeks, but sometimes the most stubborn acne will not clear for months and up to a year. Be patient with yourself and believe in the process.

  • What we do in the treatment room is about 20% of the work. What the client does as home care is  80% of the work. To have clear skin, the client MUST follow a strict home care regimen.

  • Home care for the series will run between $150-$200

  • The treatment plan will gradually get more aggressive to target your acne and any pigmentation or scarring it has caused. Your esthetician will use an array of treatments and chemical peels and the client will be using the suggested home care products to ensure the best results.

Add Ons: 
LED Light Therapy:  $15 for 15 minutes or $30 for 30 minutes

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