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Any of these facials would be perfect for first time clients or long time skin care gurus

New Client Facial $105 (75 minutes)
A 60 minute treatment that revamps your skin, your routine, and your stress level! Includes complimentary consultation. Treatment - Double cleanse, thorough skin analysis, a light enzyme or scrub, extractions, high frequency (if applicable), advanced facial massage, mask, serum, moisturizer, and SPF. (Price includes a 15 minute consultation) Meant for first time clients only

Beyond Botox Facial $130 (1hr 15mins)
The ultimate anti-aging facial! This facial utilizes microdermabrasion, a hydrating and brightening chemical peel, and firming peptide mask. The firming peptide mask utilizes a freezing peptide, which inhibits acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction. Acetylcholine is an ester molecule of acetic acid and choline that aids in the action of muscle contraction. These peptides are similar to the function of Botox as the neurotransmitter peptides inhibit the message from being received by the muscle to contract.

60 Minute Customized Facial $85
If you're just beginning your skincare journey, this is the service to you. Treatment will be customized based on your concerns and will include a double cleanse, enzyme treatment, extractions, high frequency (if applicable), mask, and finishing products.

90 Minute Palmetto  Relaxation Facial $200
Come for some relaxation and let go of all the stress. We will begin with a few deep breaths. This facial will be tailored to address your skins concerns while you let go of the every day stress and be transported to total inner peace. We will include a double cleanse, enzyme treatment, extractions, high frequency (if applicable), a hydrojelly mask, facial massage, and 30 minutes of LED light therapy. 

Oxygen Facial $105 (75 minutes)
Do you ever think about the days where your acne or redness is slim to none? This facial can make that your reality! Specifically formulated for acne and rosacea, breathe life back into your skin with the Oxygen Facial! (Do not book if you have citrus allergies). 15 minutes of LED included!
Post care kit included ($32 value)
Great for: dry skin, aging skin, acne, or rosacea

The Perfect Palmetto Glow $130 (60minutes) 
Oh yeah, you're glowing.  This service includes microdermabrasion, a light peel, and oxygen mask for the most radiant glow in South Carolina. All your friends will be blessing their hearts when they see you coming, and they'll be asking what's your secret. This is perfect for collagen stimulation, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, a deep exfoliation, and overall skin health. Recommended: add 15 minutes of LED for $15!
Post care kit included ($32 value)

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